Founder and Designer



Jittaun Hutchinson

Francí Jewelry was organically birthed 15 years ago by Nicole Davis - CEO, Designer and Buffalo, New York born native. Being exposed very early on to fashion and, more specifically, jewelry, Nicole naturally had an affinity to design and create unique and beautifully captivating jewelry by hand from cascading shoulder pieces and ethereal wedding veils to simple and chic wire wrapped bracelets for everyday wear using materials like jeweled stones and pearls. Nicole envisioned her pieces to be wearable art that would immediately make every woman on whom it adorned feel like royalty. 
As an artist, Nicole strives to revolutionize the way jewelry is perceived because in her eyes, the pieces are more than just accessories, but are the entire look. Since 2008, her extensive collections have been featured at Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles and just ecstatically presented her most recent collection earlier this month in Paris. Nicole’s designs have been worn by celebrity clientele and also published in several national and international magazines, which includes the likes of renowned publications Vogue Italia, L’Officiale and Harper’s Bazaar.
Nicole's best friend and now business partner, Jittaun Hutchinson, joined the company as COO in January of 2019 and manages the financial component and operations while also getting her hands dirty with assisting in assembling jewelry. Jittaun’s experience and expertise lies in accounting and supporting individuals and small companies with their finances to attain and maintain measurable goals for economic growth. 
Friendship and sisterhood brought them together. Business partnership reinforced their bond while recognizing each other’s strengths and how they can best serve the company fostered their growth interpersonally and professionally. Being black women in business who stand for empowerment influences all their decision making as it relates to Francí. Breaking the stigma of women being incapable of working together and overcoming adversity together is as equally important as Nicole’s incomparable designs. 
The pair has been diligently working to take advantage of every available opportunity for the purpose of continually advancing the business to the next level to ensure Francí becomes and remains a household name and international brand.